CS Set A.jpg

DOT Common Sense Turn Button

from 7.47
CS Eyelet and Heavy Duty Backing B.jpg

Eyelet & Clinch Plate Only

from 3.75
CS Eyelet and Heavy Duty Backing F.jpg

Eyelet & Clinch Plate - Extended Length 3/8" Prongs

from 3.75
Stud Only A.jpg

Common Sense Turn Button Screw Stud w/ 5/8" Screw

from 1.67
CS Double Height NB C.jpg

DOT Turn Button Double Height 2 Hole Stud

from 6.88
DBL Stud and Eyelet A.jpg

Double Height Stud, Eyelet & Heavy Duty Clinch Plate Set

from 8.29
CS Barrel Stud C.jpg

DOT Twist Lock Barrel Stud

from 3.49
All Brass Turn Button Sets A.jpg

Brass Turn Button Set - Single Height Turn Buttons & Eyelets

from 6.79
Black Oxide Double Stud w Regular Eyelets Clinch .jpg

Double Height Stud, Eyelet & Clinch Plate are Regular Size - Black Oxide Brass

from 6.79
CS Black Oxide 2 Prong Stud A.jpg


from 6.79
CS 2 Prong NB A.jpg

2 Prong Turn Buttons - Nickel Brass Finish

from 6.79