Snap Extender Navy Blue B.jpg

Snap Extenders Add 1" Inch Now Available in a Variety of Colors

from 11.39
Snap Extender Black C.jpg

Snap Extenders 1½" Inch Black or White

from 9.39
Snap Extender 2 Inch A.jpg

Snap Extenders 2" Inch Black & White

from 9.39
3 Inch Snap Extender B.jpg

Snap Extender 3" Inch Black or White

from 9.89
Snap Extender Black 4 Inch A.jpg

Snap Extenders 4" Inch Black or White

from 9.89
CS Extender 2 Inch B with Dimensions.jpg

Extender Strap for Turn Button Fasteners

Extender LTD Blue 1.5 A.jpg

Extender Strap for Lift The Dot Fasteners