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Pirelli Webbing 2" Rubberized Seat Strap Webbing - Sold By The Foot, Yard or Precut Lengths

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Brand new Pirelli Rubber Upholstery Webbing / Elastic. If you order more than one length you will receive uncut lengths in the amount that you order, however, the webbing may have been previously spliced in places by the manufacturer. Pirelli Rubber Webbing is a 2" wide reinforced rubber webbing to give a combination of soft comfort and rugged durability. Gives excellent firm resilient support and always returns to original position. Also available are Pre-cut Pirelli webbing straps with metal end pieces securing attached. Just measure the distance from the slots on either side of the chair. You will need to stretch the webbing slightly in order for the metal clips to fit.Questions? Drop us an e-mail at nwtc703@gmail.com or give us a call at our store. Northwest Tarp & Canvas 360 656 6550  Bellingham, Washington

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