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Tarps, Medium Duty - 10oz. Vinyl

Tarp, Green, Durable, Waterproof, 10 Oz. Vinyl w/ Reinforced Edges

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VINYL COATED POLYESTER TARP - 10 Ounce Reinforced Fabric is Designed for a Wide Ranges of Temperature and Climate

  • WATERPROOF, WINDPROOF & DURABLE - This tarp is designed for the brutal forces of nature and will hold up for years to high winds, freezing temperatures, heat of the desert or salt water environments

  • MUCH LIGHTER THAN OUR HEAVIER 18 OUNCE VINYL TARPS - Still Just As Impervious To Wind & Rain

  • 2" POLYPROPYLENE WEBBING IS MACHINE SEWN TO THE TARP - Lightweight Polypropylene Webbing is Ideal for Weather, Chemical and Abrasion Resistance. Grommet Placed Every 16" inches Helps Ensure Sufficient Tie Down Capability

  • LIGHTWEIGHT YET STILL TOUGH - A Polyester Scrim with PVC Coating Makes This a Strong & Durable Tarp White 10 Ounce Vinyl Tarp. Much lighter than our other 18 ounce vinyl tarps this 10 ounce tarp is much better suited for lighter weight applications such as camping, hiking, boating or using around the house or garden. 10 Ounce refers to the fabric weight per square yard. Total weight of the tarp will vary by size. The polypropylene webbing is lighter too allowing this tarp to be folded nicely into a backpack or with your camping gear. We still use the same high quality #4 rolled rim spur grommets on these tarps at 16" intervals. Quite simply another high quality tarp from the innovators at Northwest Tarp & Canvas. We don't sell "cut size" tarps. The tarp you receive may even be a 1/2" or so larger than the stated size. When was the last time you got more than what you paid for? We don't make your tarp until you order it so if you need modifications such as changes to grommet placement of other configuration please let us know when you order. These are very heavy duty tarps. You cannot find these tarps in stores. You can expect our tarps to last 4 - 9 years depending on environmental conditions. The fabric, webbing and grommets are resistant to acids, oils and alkaline. Questions? Need custom sizes? Give us a call at 360 656 6550 or send us an e-mail at nwtc703@gmail.com. We respond to all e-mails within 24 hours and usually much faster. Northwest Tarp & Canvas - Bellingham, Washington USA

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