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Grommets, Rolled Rim Spur

#2 Rolled Rim Spur, 7/16", 12 Piece Set


#2 Black Oxide Coated Brass Rolled Rim Spur Grommets, Multi Piece Sets.  You can even buy just one if thats all you need. These parts interlock, their teeth grasping the material, to provide a rugged, unyielding setting. Rolled Rim Grommet with Spur Washer #2 Brass 7/16" Black Oxide Finish. These grommets and washers assure maximum strength and resistance to “Pulling Out.”  Spur Type setting dies are required for installing spur grommets. Hole Size After Setting: 7/16" Inch  Style#: 217-2 Setting tool not included but is available here on our website.

Government Specifications Met:

MIL-G-16491F, MS-20230, NASM-16491 and NASM-20230.

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