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Sometimes you need a new slider for your zipper. From time to time they break or just plain old wear out. If you own a boat that has an enclosure with zippers then you already know the parts go bad occasionally. The the question comes up “What size zipper do I have”? “Can I change it out myself? The answer is likely easier than you may think.

First, to simplify things, most boat canvas covers utilize either a #8 or a #10 Zipper. How can you tell the difference? The pull tab slider for #8 Zipper is rounded on the top. The pull tab slider on the #10 is square on the top. One is not necessarily better than the other although the #10 is a bit heavier.

All replacement Zipper Sliders come in 2 piece sets. Need a #8 and a #10 or one gray and one black or any combination of colors and sizes just send us an e-mail when you order to and we’ll get you all set up.

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Zipper Slide No 10 Black w Stops A.jpg
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