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Heavy Duty Zippers #8 - Black

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#8 YKK Vislon Black Separating Zipper, with Metal Double Tab Slider, 24"
Heavy Duty #8 Zipper- Boat Canvas Top's, Tent's, Sleeping Bag's and many other products with a Zipper Slider on the Inside & Outside

Lightweight yet strong, YKK #8 VISLON separating zippers serve a range of purposes. With sturdy acetal plastic teeth and polyester tape, VISLON lasts longer than the standard zipper. Due to its unique weather-capable attributes, it has a scope of military, consumer, and industrial applications. Uses include marine, upholstery, awning enclosures, tents, bags, industrial curtains, and more.

The VISLON zipper is self-lubricating and corrosion resistant. It operates smoothly against mud, sand, and other friction-inducing factors. The color is integrated into the molding material, creating a coating that does not peel, chip, or rub off.

YKK Zipper is a separating at the bottom with an auto-locking, single pull, metal slider. Chain width is 8mm. Tape width on either side of the chain is 5/8". 

Product Note: Not recommended for use in curved applications.

Trademark:YKK® and VISLON® are registered trademarks of YKK Corporation in Japan and other countries/regions.

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