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Fabric Heavy Duty Vinyl 18 Ounce

Robins Egg Blue Vinyl Fabric 18 Ounce Heavy Duty

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Brand New 36" X 60" inch Width Heavy Duty 18 Oz. Vinyl Tarp Material, Robins Egg Blue. Great for Tarps or projects that require heavy duty vinyl fabric. Sold By The Linear Yard, 36" x 60" The same material we make our tarps out of. Also available in a variety of other colors.

18 oz./ square yard Vinyl Coated Polyester.  A very tough mesh fabric that is coated with vinyl making it waterproof with a high resistance to dirt, mildew, oil, salt, chemicals and UV. Outstanding strength. Made of top quality materials, will not tear, stretch, crack, rot or mildew. May be sewn or glued with HH-66 vinyl cement.

Width                                                                   61"

Base Fabric (100% Polyester)                            1000 D. x 1300 D.   /   18 x 17

Weight (FS-191-5041)                                         18 oz. / square yard

Tensile Strength - Grab (FS-191-5100)               410 lbs. x 410 lbs.

Tensile Strength - Strip (FS-191-5102)               300 lbs. x 300 lbs.

Tensile Strength - Tongue (FS-191-5134)           100 lbs. x 100 lbs.

Adhesion Strength (FS-191-5970)                      12 x 10 lbs. / inch

Abrasion Resistance (FS-191-5370)                  400 cycles

Hydrostatic Resistance (FS-191-5512)              At least 600 lbs. / square inch

U.V. Resistance (Weather-O-Meter)                  Not excessive fading after 300 HRS

Cold Crack Resistance (FS-191-5874)              -40 degrees Fahrenheit

High Temperature Resistance (FS-191-5872)   180 degrees Fahrenheit

Color may vary by computer monitor. Questions? E-mail us at We respond to all e-mails within 24 hours and usually much sooner. Northwest Tarp & Canvas - Bellingham, Washington 360 656 6550

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