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THREAD - Polyester, Tenara

Coats Brand Bonded Polyester Thread-4 oz. Spools DB-92


Brand new 4 ounce roll of  Polyester DB-92 thread, also known as T-90 Thread. 100 % Polyester Thread with Bonded Finish STAR ULTRA DEE is Coats' conventional continuous multifilament polyester sewing thread products. Applications for these products are numerous. From stitching outdoor furniture, auto Upholstery, marine, boat tops, canvas awnings, or grass catcher bags, to sewing flags, lingerie, and surgical apparel, Coats can supply the polyester products needed in today's diversified sewing industries. Coats Star Ultra Dee (SUD) Thread is made from a high strength continuous filament polyester with a bonded finish. Excellent resistance to ultraviolet rays, microorganisms and mildew and is ideal for furniture, automotive, Marine and other outdoor products. Bonded thread is treated with a liquid resin and then cured and lubed. The bonding prevents fraying at a cut end, helps resist untwisting tendencies in multidirectional sewing, and protects the thread from abrasion and heat damage in the needles of high-speed sewing. 1035 Yards per spool.  Questions?  Send us an e-mail at or give us a call at our store.  Northwest Tarp & Canvas - Bellingham, Washington 360 656 6550

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