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Tarps, Heavy Duty - 18oz. Vinyl

Vinyl Tarp 5' ft. X 9' ft. Heavy Duty, Durable, Waterproof


Brand New 5' x 9' Length Heavy Duty 18 Oz.Vinyl Tarp  Our Tarps are American Made by an American, Me, Right Here in Bellingham, Washington!

Why should you buy one of our tarps?

This tarp has been manufactured using an industrial sewing machine, using #92 Polyester Thread, and has 1/2 inch #4 brass or nickel rolled rim spur grommets placed approximately every 16" inches into the 2" inch poly webbing that goes all the way around the edges.

Seriously, Really Tough, Heavy Duty Materials!

It's a great tarp for covering Woodpiles, Bicycles, Deck Chairs, BBQ's, Leaky Roofs, Bodies, or anything else you want to protect from the rain, wind, sunshine, or even the Police. 

You buy the tarp and what you do with it is your business!  

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