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86 Pc. Stainless Steel Snap Kit w/ Setting Tool & Carrying Case

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Stainless Steel 86 piece set of snap fasteners. Included in this set are 12 each of the four piece snap set as well as 12 3/8" stainless steel screw studs, the snap setting tool and 12 each of the 1/4" extended length caps and 3/8" *posts for the bottom parts of the snaps for going through thick materials or carpets. (*Posts are nickel plated brass) All parts are contained in one handy plastic box with closure tab. Great for quick repairs on your boat or camping gear!  Questions? Send us an e-mail at or give us a call at our store.  360 656 6550 Northwest Tarp & Canvas - Bellingham, Washington

86 Pc. Snap Kit:
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