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Lift The Dot Sockets & Studs
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Lift The Dot Socket, Backing Plate & 2 Hole Stud

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We have these Lift The Dot fasteners in 20 Piece, 10 Piece, 5 Piece Sets & 1 Piece Sets.  (20 Piece Set is shown for reference only.)

Strong and heavy duty, Lift-The-Dot fasteners lock on three sides and are opened by lifting the fourth side where the dot and the Lift-The-Dot trademark appear.
Lift-The-Dot Fasteners 2 Hole Stud & Sockets w/Backing Plates Set
All Nickel Brass Construction, Marine Grade, Top of the line Dot Scoville Brand.

#6 1/2" Mounting screw included.  The fit well into the holes of the studs and will not interfere with the operation of the Lift The Dot Socket.

Questions?  E-mail us at or just give us a call at our store.  360 656 6550 Northwest Tarp & Canvas - 703 West Holly Street - Bellingham, Washington 98225


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LTD 20 Piece with 2 Hole Stud A .jpg
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