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HH-66 Vinyl Cement & Vinyl Repair Kits
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Vinyl Tarp Repair Kit, 18 oz. Vinyl & 1 Quart HH-66 Adhesive


Brand New Can of HH-66 Vinyl Adhesive and a yard, 36" x 61" of 18 Ounce Vinyl Material HH-66 Vinyl Cement is a superior quality, fast drying adhesive. It is used extensively for bonding vinyl coated and vinyl laminated fabrics to themselves or to various materials. HH-66 is also used to bond urethanes, vinyl foams and films, rigid plastics, synthetic fabrics, wood, leather, and metals. It is outstanding for sealing or waterproofing stitched seams. HH-66 dries quickly with a very strong, yet flexible bond. It is not affected by weather and temperature extremes, and is highly resistant to oil, fuel, grease, and many other chemicals. Effects of freezing: Reversible gel - KEEP FROM FREEZING. Clean both surfaces before cementing. For optimum results, HH-66 should be applied by brush, although a roller may be used. Apply one coat to each surface. Application should be made bonding coated surface to coated surface using firm pressure to mate the surfaces. Although the material may be bonded while wet, optimum results are achieved when waiting 3 to 5 minutes before bonding the surfaces together.As with all products, HH-66 should be field tested on specimens of substrate under actual working conditions to guarantee the development of maximum bond values. Indoor use not advised. Due to UPS regulations this product must be shipped via "UPS Ground Only" and as such cannot be shipped to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Bahamas or Jamaica.  NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING! Sorry for any inconvenience.  Questions?  Send us an e-mail at nwtc703@gmail.com or give us a call at our store 360 656 6550 Northwest Tarp & Canvas - Bellingham, Washington

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