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HH-66 Vinyl Cement & Vinyl Repair Kits
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HH-66 Vinyl Cement Thinner, 1 Quart Can


32oz 1 Quart can of HH-66 Thinner. Great re-activating HH-66 after it dries out or removing it from unwanted surfaces. HH-66 is made especially for use with HH-66 Vinyl Cement. HH-66 Thinner may also be used to clean brushes, rollers. spray guns and other types of applicators. Due to UPS regulations this product must be shipped via "UPS Ground Only" and as such cannot be shipped to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Jamaica or Bahamas HH-66 Thinner also cannot not be shipped to International destinations. Sorry for any inconvenience. Questions? Drop us an e-mail at nwtc703@gmail.com or give us a call at our store. we are always happy to hear from you. Northwest Tarp & Canvas - Bellingham, Washington 360 656 6550

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HH-66 Thinner.jpg